Consumer Standards: what does good assurance look like?

To help you prepare for active consumer regulation, this session focuses on what good assurance might look like. Why? Because the new approach to regulation will build on current co-regulation which places your assurance arrangements front and centre – if you get an IDA, the first question will be, ‘show us how you ensure you’re complying with the standards?’ And if you don’t get an IDA, you’re expected to have a robust approach to assurance anyway! Failure to do so amounts to poor governance. Assurance specialist Bill shows us the ropes.

The webinar originally broadcast on 3 May 2022. The recording of the session and the slides are available below

Consumer Standards – BGill

Tenancy standard Qtr 4 2021-22

Rent standard Qtr 4 2021-22

Neighbourhood community standard Qtr 4 2021-22

Home standard Qtr 4 2021-22

Governance financial viability standard Qtr 4 2021-22

VFM standard with code Qtr 4 2021-22

Tenant involvement and empowerment standard Qtr 4 2021-22


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