CORE Training

CORE (COntinuous REcording) provides valuable information about new social housing lettings and sales, tenants and buyers across England.

CORE is an essential tool for monitoring housing costs and affordability in the social housing sector. Participating in CORE is highly beneficial, allowing landlords to review their lettings figures, produce performance information and explore trends in the sector. Ultimately this allows them to manage their business more effectively. Training is a key part of any successful collection system which produces accurate information.

We offer two half-day workshops:

Please note

The 2016/17 lettings and sales logs are now available on the CORE website (

If you would like more information on CORE workshops please click here to contact our CORE Training Consultant.

If you are interested in attending workshops in other parts of the country, such as York, Manchester or Newcastle please let us know and if there are sufficient numbers we will be happy to arrange them.

Further information and bookings

Contact Heather Metivier on 01273 287114, email   or click here to book onto these workshops.