Repairs Tracker

Robust, ongoing satisfaction monitoring to support service improvement

How it works

  • Set a monthly quota for the number of calls you want
  • Upload details of your completed repairs weekly, fortnightly or quarterly
  • Interviews carried out by experienced and trained researchers

Outputs & reports

  • Online dashboard
  • Analysis of results tailored to your requirements
  • Dashboard charts & data can be copied into other documents
  • Benchmarking
  • Email within 24 hours of any urgent customer issue
  • Flagging system for responding to customer queries


  • One off set-up fee of £200
  • Monthly charge by number of completed calls
  • Average cost £5.50 per call (depends on length of interview)


On a regular basis (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) upload details of completed repairs to our system. Customer surveys are then completed quickly by our experienced telephone interviewers and the results are made available on-line through your individually tailored dashboard.

Each survey has agreed quotas and call times, we make up to five attempts to contact each residents and also ensure residents are not called too frequently with the use of our monitoring system.

A small volume of monthly calls will soon build to a significant sample using 12 monthly rolling averages.

With customer recovery in place we will email you within 24-hours the names of any customer who has an urgent issue (repairs related or not) and can flag up customers with queries on our system for your staff to follow up.

You can analyse the results by a range of variables such as repairs trade, contractor or location and the dashboard is tailored to suit your requirements. The dashboard will report a snapshot of the current month or rolling averages to show trends.

We recommend using the dashboard reports at service review meetings with contractors and staff.

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