SPBM (Smaller Providers Benchmarking) is a cost-effective, member-led benchmarking system designed for and by smaller housing providers.

SPBM membership enables smaller providers to:

  • Access performance data based on national standards and clear definitions
  • Compare performance and costs with other smaller providers and the rest of the social housing sector
  • Generate performance reports as well as access SPBM annual and quarterly performance reports
  • Participate in regional and specialist benchmarking clubs
  • Contribute to the SPBM annual report and our annual salaries survey
  • Make use of and contribute to research and good practice

Membership of SPBM is open to organisations with up to 1,000 homes. Currently 140 smaller housing providers are members of SPBM.

Acuity delivers SPBM in partnership with HouseMark and SPBM membership includes affiliate HouseMark membership.

For further details of SPBM membership including subscription costs please contact us.