Acuity Benchmarking

Acuity Benchmarking is the national smaller housing providers’ benchmarking network, facilitated by Acuity. Aimed at housing providers with up to 1,000 homes, the network has 148 members owning/managing over 75,000 homes across eight English regions, with an average stock size of 353.

Acuity provides performance and cost benchmarking data for members, enabling them to compare against a peer group of similar organisations facing similar challenges. This data is used by staff, Boards and residents to provide a context for their organisation’s performance and inform decision making.

Acuity also brings member organisations together in regional and specialist benchmarking clubs, offering the opportunity to meet with colleagues to get beyond the numbers, network, share ideas and learn from each other.

Acuity Benchmarking membership enables smaller providers to:

  • Access performance data based on national standards and clear definitions
  • Compare performance and costs with other smaller providers and the rest of the social housing sector
  • Generate reports and dashboards
  • Participate in regional and specialist benchmarking clubs
  • Create & share research and good practice

For further details of Acuity Benchmarking membership including subscription costs please contact us.