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Reach out to your residents – and reap the benefits

Whether you want to track overall satisfaction, or how well your repair team are doing, there are many benefits to organising telephone surveys – which makes them fantastically cost-effective. Not only does it streamline getting the sample you need, but done properly, it can improve customer service and even support customer recovery. You’re effectively getting …..Read the full article »

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Digital transformation: easier and cheaper than you think

There are many advantages to being small. You have more legroom on a plane; you tend to bump your head less often; limbo is easier and you can get a job as a jockey. When applied to a business, you’re more likely to know the names of all your team (and probably their partners), you’re …..Read the full article »

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There’s a customer experience revolution going on – but are our own customers being left behind?

Technology is at the heart of how many organisations engage with their clients on a day to day basis. According to The Path to 2020, a worldwide marketing research report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, it is believed that by 2020 customer experience will drive brands more than ever, leading to loyalty and a rising …..Read the full article »

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Steve Smedley is running the Dragon’s Back

Acuity’s VFM expert Steve Smedley is taking part in the hardest multi-day mountain endurance race in the world.  On five consecutive days he’ll cover 200 miles with 51,000 ft ascent (equivalent to Everest + Kilimanjaro + Cat Bells) over difficult terrain. The route follows the mountainous spine of Wales from Conwy in the north to Llandeilo in …..Read the full article »

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Surprising facts about online surveys (and how to make use of them)

Convenient and cost-effective: what’s not to like about using online surveys to find out how happy your residents are with your services? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Not only can the results be skewed in terms of the age profile, but our new analysis shows residents tend to report lower satisfaction rates when …..Read the full article »

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Guidance on downloading Acuity benchmarking reports

This post describes how to download benchmarking reports from the on-line system and save them as excel files. Microsoft introduced an update to the default security settings in July 2016 which will affect all benchmarking users. Here’s what you need to do: 1. Save the downloaded report file somewhere on your system – how this works …..Read the full article »

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Does your site look big in this?

Internet access and smartphones Without internet access tenants are excluded from a whole range of services, benefits, employment, savings etc.  Smartphone use is on the increase, and for young people (aged 12 – 17)  it is increasingly the primary means  to access the internet. Attitudes to digital media channels among social housing providers vary widely. …..Read the full article »

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Engaging with residents online as the digital divide closes

Within three years we believe that using email and the internet to engage with residents will be as inclusive as the current use of printed newsletters and surveys. Shifting to using electronic methods of communication with residents will provide opportunities for innovative and interesting engagement, and will be significantly cheaper and more effective, thus enabling …..Read the full article »

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The First Post

This blog is a forum for exchanging ideas and sharing information.

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