Terms & Conditions

Basis of charges

Consultant’s time is charged on an hourly or daily rate, or a fixed contract may be agreed. Daily rates are based on an eight hour day. If the consultant’s actual working day exceeds eight hours, the relevant additional proportion of the daily rate will be charged.

Where an hourly or daily rate is charged, the calculation of consultant’s time does not include travelling to and from the office at which the consultant is normally based and the client’s premises or other places visited in connection with the assignment.

Normally, one visit will be made, or a meeting held prior to commissioning with a prospective client “at risk”. Where an assignment is subsequently commissioned the consultant’s time charge and expenses will be charged to that client.

The fees and other costs set out in our proposals are applicable at the date of the proposal. If the work is not commissioned within three months of the date of the proposal, we reserve the right to revise these figures. Where delays occur it may be necessary to obtain revised print quotations.


Administrative time is normally included in the estimates. Direct expenses, for example, postage, are charged at cost. All faxes, photocopies and courier charges incurred in connection with the client’s business, will be charged direct back to the client, with a 10% management charge. Travel is charged at 45p per mile, economy class air fare or second class rail fare whichever is applicable. There is a discounted charge of £25.00 per hour for travel time. Where an overnight stay occurs, actual hotel and subsistence charges (single room with bath/shower, 3 star) will be charged for at cost.

A fixed price for expenses cannot normally be given, but it is usually possible to provide a rough estimate to clients prior to any formal commission.


VAT is charged at the prevailing applicable rate and applies to both fees and expenses. (Some elements of work may be VAT exempt for registered charities).


Invoices are payable within fourteen days. We reserve the right to add interest on a daily basis at the equivalent of 3% over Co-operative Bank base rate a month on all overdue payments. We usually invoice fees in equal installments, over the life of the work and can provide detailed accounts of time and expenses.


It is our usual practice to disclose our full client list in our promotional literature, website, and to any prospective client who asks.


All aspects of our work including proposals are confidential between Acuity and the client and may not be reproduced without permission.


We reserve the right to charge 75% of fees outstanding should the work be cancelled after we have been commissioned (and print costs where applicable).


The quality of our work is important to us as well as to actual and potential clients. At the end of a project, we will ask you to complete a validation questionnaire which is designed to compare how we have performed with your expectations of us and aspirations for the work.

This policy will be reviewed annually or at any time that Acuity business activities or operations change significantly.