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Spring 2022 webinars: essential business intelligence

Event Date(s): 26th Apr, 2022, 28th Apr, 2022, 3rd May, 2022, 5th May, 2022, 10th May, 2022

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Customer Service Excellence

Event Date(s): 13th Apr, 2022

This workshop is about managing perceptions and building a customer-focused outlook. It focuses on what services we provide and on how we provide them by understanding our customers’ expectations and needs. You can’t always do what the customer asks but you can leave the customer with a positive experience.

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Repairs Diagnostics

Event Date(s): 7th Apr, 2022

This course will enable you to diagnose a range of repairs. We will explore construction basics, trade key jargon and three levels of specifications. The overall aim is to help you work towards getting it right first time.

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The Board Member’s Role

Event Date(s): 4th May, 2022

We will cover key themes to enhance your effectiveness within a strategic framework. The focus will be on strategy, governance, regulation and compliance as well as challenging the executive.

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GDPR : Data Protection at Work

Event Date(s): 27th Apr, 2022

To provide key knowledge and a practical understanding of data protection and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016. We will follow a timeline in the development of data protection, supported by real life case studies to provide you with a handy list of do’s and don’ts.

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CORE Training (COntinuous REcording)

Event Date(s): 31st Mar, 2022, 5th Apr, 2022, 14th Apr, 2022

CORE is an essential tool for monitoring housing costs and affordability in the social housing sector. Participating in CORE is highly beneficial, allowing landlords to review their lettings figures, produce performance information and explore trends in the sector. Ultimately this allows them to manage their business more effectively. Training is a key part of any successful collection system which produces accurate information.

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Repairs: Damp and Condensation

Event Date(s): 22nd Mar, 2022

This topic requires detailed understanding of the causes, implications and remedies for the three types of damp. We will explore condensation, rising damp and penetrating damp from both the tenants’ and the landlords’ points of view. You will become more confident in assessing and advising tenants and colleagues on the subject.

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Complaints Handling

Event Date(s): 28th Feb, 2022

This course will provide an insight into the process and skills required to ensure that complaints are investigated in an open, fair and transparent manner. This is designed to cover all the current best practice requirements from the Ombudsman and the Housing White Paper.

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Introduction to social Housing

Event Date(s): 24th Feb, 2022, 15th Mar, 2022, 4th Apr, 2022

Get an overview of a £200b sector, it’s vision, purpose and aspirations.

  • the origins of social housing, the vision, purpose and aims of housing associations
  • funding and rents
  • the range of housing, internal and external stakeholder roles and relationships
  • regulation, rights and responsibilities from a customer perspective
  • day to day practicalities from a tenant’s point of view
  • the future of social housing.
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Acuity Autumn 2021 Webinars: essential business intelligence

Event Date(s): 23rd Nov, 2021, 25th Nov, 2021, 30th Nov, 2021, 2nd Dec, 2021, 8th Dec, 2021

Acuity free webinars for Autumn 2021, providing you with the intel and challenge you need to take control of a fast-changing operating environment. The programme draws on White Paper themes and other topical issues.

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