Value for Money (VFM)

The HCA is looking for you to demonstrate a comprehensive strategic approach that embraces use of resources, a grip on operational costs, asset management and the governance arrangements to drive VFM through the organisation. The backdrop is the HCA’s call, in 2016, for a ‘step change’ in operating efficiency – an ‘intense focus’ to liberate latent resources and mitigate the impact of the 1% rent cut.  HCA believes there is capacity in the sector and is minded to drive it out. As always, the buck stops with the board.

Are your board and executive on top of what the changes mean for your business? And how good is your strategic approach to VFM?

Acuity can help to understand and respond to the requirements of the regulator. As always our approach is is based on taking action that is useful for your organisation, not just regulatory box-ticking:

VFM self-assessment – support

Although a new approach to VFM is being proposed by the HCA, which changes expectations regarding the self-assessment, the existing approach stands this year. However, the HCA has signalled that it would welcome self-assessments that incorporate their proposed new approach. Support is entirely flexible: from a critique of your draft self-assessment to creating something from scratch. Click here for further details >>

In-house VFM Briefing for Board and/or Executive

A new approach to VFM is being proposed by the HCA which necessitates a clear understanding of the requirements and implications for board members and executives, including the essential role of board members in VFM governance.  This briefing will bring key players up to speed and help improve your approach to VFM and regulatory compliance. Click here for further details >>

VFM health check

Acuity can provide a quick, focussed assessment of your approach to VFM and a board/executive briefing, which includes the findings, recommendations and an update on regulatory requirements to help you improve VFM and comply with the HCA’s new expectations. Click here for further details >>


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