Acuity Free Webinar Series: RSH, DWP, Ombudsman, CIH, Oaks……

Welcome to our series of free webinars run during May 2020, exclusively for members, aimed at keeping you abreast of the present changes to the operating environment whilst also having an eye on what the future might hold as we pick our way out of the lockdown. Although we had to cancel our annual conference in April, we’re pleased to say our speakers were keen to contribute.

Each one-hour webinar includes a Question & Answer session at the end.

Recordings and resources from all webinars in the series

Update from the RSH

Jonathan Walters, Deputy Chief Executive, Regulator for Social Housing

How has the RSH flexed its approach to regulation? What are its expectations? What are the key issues housing associations need to be considering now? What does the future look like? This discussion took place on 7 May – click here to watch the recording >>

Universal Credit: an update from the DWP

Mark Poultney, Universal Credit Partnership Manager, Department for Work and Pensions

How is DWP responding to the demands placed upon it? What does it mean for new and existing claims? How can housing providers best work with DWP to smooth workflow at a fraught time?

Click here to see Mark’s presentation slides >>

Update from the Housing Ombudsman

Emma Foxall, Deputy Ombudsman, Housing Ombudsman Service

How has the Ombudsman flexed its approach to complaints cases? What are its expectations? What can we learn from the Ombudsman’s case load? How might the Ombudsman’s role change with forthcoming White Paper?

This discussion took place on 13 May – click here to watch the recording >>

Where we are and where we’re going: the view from CIH

Gavin Smart, CEO, Chartered Institute of Housing

An overview of the economic and policy environment for social housing. How has the sector responded to the Coronavirus crisis? What is the likely impact? What is the sector’s role and what should be the policy response going forward?

This webinar took place on 19 May – click here to watch the recording and download the slides

Community Investment: making your resources go further in a dynamic fundraising environment

Luke Southall, MD and Rahul Bissoonauth, Director of Business Development, Oaks (part of the Aquila Group)

Luke and Rahul provide a masterclass in community investment and fundraising. Exploring the most effective strategies and how best to utilise your skills, resources and time. The session identifies opportunities to generate additional income for your community activity, ranging from securing grants and corporate partners to managing fundraising campaigns and procuring new suppliers.

This webinar took place on 21 May 2020 – click here to watch the recording


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