Update from the Housing Ombudsman

Emma Foxall, Deputy Ombudsman, Housing Ombudsman Service explains how the Ombudsman flexed its approach to complaints cases during the coronavirus pandemic and what we can learn from the Ombudsman’s case load. The second half sets out the new Ombudsman scheme (launched September 2020) and how the Ombudsman’s role might change with forthcoming White Paper.

The presentation (from 13 May 2020) was part of Acuity’s ‘Understanding the Present, Envisaging the Future’ webinar series.  See also below for links to the new Ombudsman Scheme and its guidance on Good Practice for handling complaints about repairs.

Here are the links Emma mentions in her presentation

Details of the new Ombudsman Scheme (beginning September 2020)

Good practice managing Repairs complaints

Other useful videos on dealing with unacceptable behaviour:

The Housing Ombudsman’s  policy on Unacceptable behaviour:


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