Coaching, Mentoring & Action Learning

Keeping it brief


We have learnt from experience that those in a coaching relationship can make substantial progress on really important issues in quite short periods of time. We specialise in ‘brief’ work-based coaching programmes – typically three 90-minute sessions plus set-up and close-out. These are ideally suited to anyone facing a specific challenge or hurdle at work. We’ll run longer programmes where all parties agree the benefits are likely to outweigh the costs.

We also run workshops to develop internal coaching capacity and skills, and can help your organisation to develop a culture of coaching – ways of working that achieve performance through good questions and trust.


Our approach to mentoring mirrors our approach to coaching but with a greater emphasis on advice and guidance. Ideal for those new to social housing or taking on a new role – Staff, Board members or residents.

Action Learning Sets

Think of action learning sets as group coaching with an expert facilitator to maximise the support and challenge (the warmth and light) that will enable participants to make real progress on important issues at work. In addition there are wider transferable skills to be gained of relevance to the pursuit of staff engagement and performance.

We recommend a minimum programme of four two-hour action learning sets with an option to review and extend based on evidence of progress (achieved and potential). We can run sets in-house as well as offering them for mixed organisational groups.

Further information

If any of the above is of interest to you and of potential benefit to your organisation – Please contact us. We’d love to discuss how we might help scope and meet your needs.