NHF Smaller Associations National Group Survey – Summary of findings

Smaller associations national group

Here is a summary of the findings from the survey we ran in November for the NHF smaller associations national group. To download a copy of the full report please click here.


  • 91 organisations contributed
  • Very fragmented approach to influencing NHF and therefore potential to be more co-ordinated
  • Majority support for areas of focus identified by the Group


  • Smaller HAs want to collaborate more and this includes an interest in buying and selling services from / to other associations
  • There is limited interest in collaborating with larger associations
  • Most are engaged in partnership working with local authorities being the main partners
  • Most are members of a benchmarking group (SPBM, HouseMark or other associated group)
  • There is significant interest  in collective commissioning of services


  • There is a substantial minority that are not developing AND see growth as critical and / or aspire to develop
  • Most see the national group as having a potential role in helping them develop new homes

Next steps

  • Share the findings
  • Co-ordinated approach to collective commissioning / procurement through regional and benchmarking meetings
  • The group will work with Acuity, particularly on the delivery of our National SPBM event in March 2014, which will have a strong focus on development

To download the full report please click here.

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