Quality Assurance

We are determined to maintain the highest standards in all of the work that we undertake, and to this end we use our own, rigorous quality approach. Each component part of a project includes an element of Quality Assurance, and the Project Director takes responsibility for ensuring that all work is reviewed against the relevant QA standard.

We have different QA standards for different types of work, whether it is building a database or designing a questionnaire, but each standard is designed to ensure that:

  • Outcomes conform to the specifications and expectations of the client
  • All work is peer-reviewed by someone with appropriate knowledge and experience
  • Work takes into consideration leading thinking on best practice
  • Work is of a high standard
  • Work represents good value for the client
  • Work conforms to relevant legal and regulatory requirements

Quality Control and Data Cleaning

Before carrying out any survey, our Data Analyst will check the initial data file supplied by the landlord to ensure that the data provided is sufficient for the fieldwork, that it contains the necessary property-related information (e.g. nbr bedrooms, property type) to check representativeness and calculate weightings, and that the information is up-to-date and excludes, for example, void properties. Once the raw data files are available, a series of checks, which have been developed by our Data Analysts using SPSS, are made to ‘clean’ and validate the data. These include checking internal consistency, routeing errors, and missing value re-coding assessments. Further technical details are available on request. After the report has been written it is checked by another member of the team for clarity and grammar; and all figures and percentages are re-calculated.