The experienced manager

This two-day programme is for experience managers looking to benchmark their day-to-day people management practices against the most current and contemporary, tools and techniques.  This challenging programme provides fresh insight and a pragmatic blueprint for application back at work.

Aims and objectives:

  • To provide experience of and reflect on the impact of transactional and transformational leadership
  • To provide a range of people management resources and practical insight into their use at work
  • To test out a systematic method to confidently diagnose performance and provide feedback to staff
  • To practice three techniques to manage difficult conversations at work
  • To explore how to rate performance by reference to specific behavioural competencies
  • To demonstrate how to align personal and organisational objectives
  • To experience a complex management problem and receive feedback on its resolution


  • Transactional v transformational leadership
  • Understanding & managing your resources
  • Diagnosing performance at work
  • Situational leadership (psychometric test optional)
  • Managing difficult performance conversations
  • Competency based performance feedback
  • Performance areas & performance indicators
  • Allocating types of work to sustain motivation & achieve results