Time Management Skills

More in less

This one-day workshop offers you time and space to step back and review how you prioritise, organise and perform in the everyday. It is designed to build upon what you already do and offer new tools and insights so that you can become even more effective in your use of time. It will increase your awareness, understanding and use of ‘time’, achieving more in less time with less stress. The entire workshop is grounded and informed by what works in the real-world.

Aims & objectives

  • To generate personal momentum and direction
  • To understand the nature of procrastination and resistance
  • To effectively plan, even during chaotic and uncertain times
  • To enhance personal decision-making and prioritisation
  • To identify and manage the relationships that matter

Who should attend / participant numbers

Anyone who thinks they don’t have time to attend to priorities and deadlines (maximum of 18 participants).


Further information / bookings

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