Customer service excellence

This workshop is about managing customer perceptions and building a customer-focused outlook. It focuses not only on what services we provide but how we provide them by understanding our customers’ expectations and needs. We can’t always do what the customer asks but you can leave the customer with a positive experience.

Aims and objectives:

  • To enhance your customer service knowledge and skills
  •  To enable you to work towards providing excellent customer services with confidence and the right attitude

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Identify different customer service tools and techniques and match them to specific situations
  • Apply active listening skills
  • Use effective questioning techniques
  • Provide alternatives
  • Deal with challenging behaviour
  • Understand different email styles and their appropriateness in different situations
  • Handle customers over the phone

Learning outcomes

  • Identify what is customer service excellence and why it all comes down to a positive attitude
  • Outline the difference between customer needs, wants and expectations
  • Define professional boundaries in managing expectations based on your personal responsibility
  • Discuss what we appreciate about excellent service and how this affects your behavior to customers
  • Implement a set of tools and skills to deliver service improvements to organisation Standards

Who should attend?

All staff – in whatever role. The service we offer to each other in the workplace is as important as the service we offer to external customers..