Governance & Regulation


Housing association boards have had much to contend with in recent years. And there’s little sign of things getting quieter for them in the years ahead. A major overhaul of the regulatory system governing housing associations is having a big impact on boards, and in ways which were perhaps not predicted.

Get it right and your board really can make a difference – providing independent and objective oversight on your strategy. They can be the critical friend you need when times get tough. Get it wrong and your board can act as drag on performance and effectiveness.


This one-day course provides delegates with an understanding of governance and regulation relating to social housing:

  • standards of public life and probity
  • the NHF code of governance and implications for your organization
  • the social housing regulatory framework covering the 7 standards
  • top ten tips for improving your Board – where to focus, what questions to ask yourself
  • challenge personal thinking through debate and hearing from others
  • the tools, tips and information to achieve good governance
  • managing the paperwork – making it work for you
  • effectiveness at board meetings – asking the challenging questions
  • opportunity to network with people in a similar position

Who should attend

Board members, Chief Executives, Company Secretaries, other senior staff.

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