First look at HouseMark STAR – best practice in customer satisfaction

Finally, it’s been released and we can all start to think about how to use it. HouseMark STAR, developed with input from 300 landlords and more than 13,000 residents (and me!) is available online and so is the guidance on how to use it.

I’ve been lucky enough to be part of an 11-organisation steering group, and will be sharing more information with you during the next few weeks with more detailed guidance on what the new framework will mean for your surveys and benchmarking.

The aims of the review were to modernise the existing framework in line with best practice and to help drive improvements, enable fair comparisons for tenants and ensure any future regulatory framework is as good as possible.

What’s in the new framework?

  • Five core questions – four from perception surveys and one from transactional surveys
  • A library of recommended and optional questions to align to strategic objectives
  • Flexibility to collect responses via a range of methods – but understand the impact this can have
  • Consistent five and ten-point response scales
  • Expanded response options to include emojis and star ratings
  • A new STAR rating (launching in June 2020)
  • A guide to the new STAR framework (click here)
  • Additional guidance and good practice

There’s a lot here that can help everyone improve their practice and prepare for the likely collection of a wider range of consumer metrics in future.

In my next blog, I’ll reflect on how benchmarking is likely to work under the new framework. I’m also planning to write more about how you can use the new framework to build more robust information on resident satisfaction and the implications for repairs tracker surveys. Do look out for my emails on these.

I’m optimistic that the sector will be able to use the new STAR in a straightforward way which will benefit both landlords and residents and hope that with support from Acuity, you’ll be up and running with the new system as soon as it goes live.

As always, if we can help with any of this please get in touch.

About Denise Raine

Denise Raine is a Director of Acuity Ltd, and has specialised in tenant satisfaction and feedback research for more than 20 years.
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