Upcoming Events

New VFM Standard: demystifying requirements & implications – Workshops 2018

Event Date(s): 23rd May, 2018

A half-day workshop to de-mystify the new VFM standard and equip you with the tools and information to understand and comply with the new requirements

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COntinuous REcording of lettings & sales in Social Housing

Event Date(s): 23rd Apr, 2018, 24th Apr, 2018

Introduction, refresher and co-ordinator workshops on COntinuous REcording of lettings & sales in Social Housing (CORE)

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GDPR & Data Protection

Event Date(s): 26th Jun, 2018, 15th Mar, 2018, 16th Mar, 2018, 17th Apr, 2018

This one day course provides Housing Association staff with key knowledge and a practical understanding of data protection. It includes the landlord’s 12 Steps to GDPR

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SPBM smaller housing associations conference

Event Date(s): 19th Apr, 2018

The Acuity SPBM conference for 2018 will explore the horizon from a smaller housing association perspective so that you are in the best possible position to respond positively to the challenges.

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