CHS Homes Customer Satisfaction Survey 2012

We are carrying out a STAR survey for CHS Homes.

The objectives for CHS are:

  • Better understand what customers think of CHS and their services
  • Better understand the profile of CHS customers
  • Provide  baseline data for various projects
  • Compare CHS service performance against their STATUS results in 2007
  • Enable CHS to influence local stakeholders
  • Compare CHS service performance against their peers

The survey will provide a view of the key drivers behind satisfaction levels and the issues customers are most concerned about, enabling CHS  to plan how to prioritise efforts to improve services and drive satisfaction levels up.

If you have any difficulties in completing the survey, please call us on 0845 539 1963 or click here to use the contact form to send us a message.

Please now type your unique reference code in the box below and click ‘Start Survey ’.