Notting Hill Home Options – Landlord Survey 2015

NHHT_logoAs part of Notting Hill Housing’s commitment to improving its services for landlords, the Trust has asked Acuity, to carry out this survey.  The findings will be used to help improve our services in future.

Please note that the survey is confidential, your answers are completely anonymous and it will not be possible to identify individual respondents from the survey unless you give permission.

The survey should take around ten minutes to complete. If you need to stop to do something else while you are completing the survey, make sure you click the ‘Save’ button to avoid having to start again.

If you have any difficulties in completing the survey, please call us on 01273 287114  or click here to use the contact form to send us a message.   Alternatively if you have any questions or concerns about this survey you can contact Ashley Beaton, Home Options Performance Manager at Notting Hill Housing

Please type your unique reference code in the box below and click ‘Start Survey’.


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