Lien Viet

Lien Viet Housing Association (LVHA) has asked us to carry out an independent survey to find out if you are happy with your home and the services it provides.

LVHA is keen to improve the services you receive. Your response to this survey will help them to consider how to do it.

What you tell us will be confidential and we will not share your personal views with your housing association or any other organisation or person.

The survey should take around ten minutes to complete. If you need to stop to do something else while you are completing the survey, make sure you click the ‘Save‘ button to avoid having to start again.

By completing this survey, you will be entered into a prize draw. We will select three winners at random and send each of them £50.

If you have any difficulties in completing the survey, please call us on 0845 539 1963 or click here to use the contact form to send us a message.

Please now type your unique reference code in the box below and click ‘Start Survey ’.